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The 2010 Enterprise 2.0 All-Star Blogger Roster

Now that the holiday hangover has worn off and the bills are coming due, I want to turn your attention to the individuals that are most influencing the Enterprise 2.0 space.  Those of you that are early adopters or just starting to research Enterprise 2.0 can short cut the search for quality information by following and reading from these all-stars.

How and why were these people chosen?  By a combination of influence and focus on Enterprise 2.0.  Some highly influential bloggers like Chris BroganFred Zimny and Jeremiah Owyang were not chosen because their focus is outside the E2.0 space.  Sure they have an opinion on E2.0, but their primary focus is not on E2.0.  

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You’ll notice I’ve included Dennis Howlett.  In my opinion, he’s doing us a favor by pointing out the gaps in our claims and the flaws in our products.  We made him a E2.0 Referee because he’s never afraid to call foul.  In fact, we need more referees like him that keep the industry from going out of bounds.

If you want to follow these individuals on Twitter I recommend the following Twitter lists by WebTechmanSameer Patel and Hutch Carpenter.

Read the full story at The 2010 Enterprise 2.0 All-Star Blogger Roster

Please note that the referred blog went out of business 2017.

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