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The destination has been set. In 2020, B-to-B companies must demonstrate an intimate and personal knowledge of their customers. They must be proactive, anticipating customer’s current and future needs and they must enable a seamless and consistent experience across an increasing number of communication platforms.

With the complexities of B-to-B customer relationships, many companies will struggle to get started, while others will be challenged to stay focused.

The “Roadmap to 2020” is a route that companies must use to prioritize where to focus first, and to make progress year-after-year, quarter-by-quarter, and day-by-day.

Based on Walker’s experience and research, there are five categories that companies must address in order to deliver on future customer expectations.


The world’s most successful companies will put customers at the center of their business.


Different responsibilities and new skills are needed to address customer demands.


Advanced analytics and an insight infrastructure will create a single source of truth.


Customers will seek to interact with the brand and each other using a variety of methods.


New insights drive the desired behaviors, ultimately having a measurable business return.

THIS DOCUMENT IS A WORKBOOK THAT INCLUDES: • A process for creating your individual Roadmap to 2020
• The activities within three key stages
• Tools for conducting one of the first steps, which is an inventory
• Accelerators for making your Roadmap more efficient and effective


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