How to thrive, even on Blue Monday

Probably, you were aiming for a 4-star WOW-start this year.

And now, gradually all has changed.

May be even better, all things of the past seem to remain unchanged.

Not a problem, in case you thrive and everything is fine. But did you not reflect to make a WOW-start because you did aimed for that new thrill, that improvement and all its associated kicks and benefits.

To change has magical elements, but it not magic.

To  change one needs skills and a certain attitude.

 How to thrive, even on Blue Monday


This was one of the inspiring thoughts I keep in memory after reading ”Creative Confidence” by Tom Kelley, the author of The art of innovation and David Kelley, founder of IDEO and Stanford D.School.

Tom and David express their creative ideas in such a way that fixed beliefs alter. Such as an assumption that creativity and innovation are the domain of the “creative types.”

How wrong one can be. Everyone us can be  creative.

You have to believe that learning and growth are possible. As the authors say” In other words, you need to start with what Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck calls a growth mindsetIndividuals with a growth mindset, Dweck says, believe that a person’s true potential is unknown (and unknowable)“. The authors claim boldly that we can expand our capabilities through effort and experience.

Such a growth mindset is the full opposite of a fixed mindset. A fixed mindset that constraints you to your current comfort zone and limits your future creative success.

Order the book. Take a day off and read the book. Get a new order and never, never have any kind of blue mondays again. by

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