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Reinventing CX with digital – an employee game changer

If you believe customers experience your brand through your employees, then what will happen when your customer experience (CX) becomes more digital?

Survey respondents predict their company’s digital CX reinvention will have great ramifications for their leadership and teams: New skills, new job responsibilities and new organizational structures will be necessary.

While managing all this change poses numerous challenges, most of the survey respondents who we identified as financial Outperformers believe happy employees make for happy customers, and they are using this transformation to prioritize and invest in employee experience (EX).

In fact, our findings point to a number of leading practices Outperformers follow to help ensure their digital CX reinvention will be a positive game changer for employees, as well as for customers.

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Think you know how to compete in this digital era?

Think again.

Looking to differentiate themselves, businesses everywhere are investing heavily in innovations that digitally tether customers to their brand – from mobile apps and mobile pay, to beacons, virtual or augmented reality, and artificial intelligence (AI).

But today’s innovation could well be tomorrow’s convention.

Lasting brand differentiation is realized through your employees. This simple idea has never been more important, as companies rush to deploy new digital ways for customers to engage and transact with them.

The change brought on by this digital shift has profound implications, not just for customers, but for organizations internally. What sort of leadership is required to drive this digital reinvention of customer experience (CX)? How are organizational functions realigning? What new skills are needed? How is this affecting employees’ day-to-day tasks? And how are companies managing all this change?
These are questions we explore in this third installment in our CX series.

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To find answers, we surveyed 600 C-suite and line-of-business (LOB) executives from multiple industries and regions whose companies are engaged in their own digital CX reinvention.
Regardless of how far along they are in their transformation journeys, survey respondents indicated that their own company’s digital CX reinvention is touching nearly everyone across their business. Companies are adding leaders to the C-suite mix who have deep expertise in digital, data, CX and innovation. Many organizations are considering merging customer-facing functions like marketing, customer support and customer analytics.

Companies are revisiting their talent strategies – revising employee performance metrics and incentives – so they can attract and retain people with the digital skills they need. Respondents predict employees will have new roles, new management structures and new processes and tools to master.
In today’s world of continuous change, new is the new normal.
Even though companies’ urgent need to serve customers better is a key driver of this workforce transformation, the majority of companies surveyed neglect to integrate employee experience (EX) into their CX strategy. This oversight is especially troubling considering that many organizations are struggling with a number of change management challenges. One such challenge is low employee morale, which companies could improve significantly by paying more attention to employees’ experience.
However, there is a group of financial Outperformers who we discovered are approaching many aspects of their digital CX reinvention quite differently. They recognize that their teams are changing, and so are the rules of the game.
There is much we can learn from their experience.

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