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The CEO view of CX

What Customer Experience Professionals Must Do To Be Relevant To the C-Suit

You have 30 minutes with your CEO, and the topic is customer experience. What might you expect to hear? What might your CEO expect to hear from you? What do you need to discuss or offer to get the CEO’s attention? When it comes to customer-focused strategy, what is the view from the top?

These are just some of the questions we set out to answer in this groundbreaking report that takes a close, unique look at how CEOs of today’s B-to-B companies view customer experience. The CEO perspective – knowing what’s important to chief executives – is valuable intelligence to help CX professionals align their work with the strategies employed by the C-suite.

For more than a decade, we at Walker have counseled our clients that successful, results-oriented CX strategies thrive when the company’s top executives claim buy-in and demonstrate active leadership and support. We’ve also shown that a results-oriented approach to customer experience leading to desired business outcomes is, according to our study, the way to establish credibility with the C-suite. In terms of the potential to leverage the customer experience to improve business performance and create competitive advantage, understanding what’s on the minds of chief executives is essential to the task.

The findings in this report lay the groundwork for mutually beneficial collaboration between CEOs and CX professionals. The insights inform strategies for CX professionals to be more effective in engaging their CEOs and better equipped to align customer-focused strategies with business outcomes.

The CEO perspective on CX has the potential to challenge and change how we think about customer experience – revolutionizing our methods, authenticating our objectives and focusing our work to generate the competitive advantage that’s so critical in business today.


Feedback from over 550 CEOs and 400 customer experience professionals was collected and analyzed.

• CEOs overwhelmingly say the customer experience is the most effective way to create a competitive advantage. Companies that are most effective reap the benefits – they grow significantly faster than the market.

• To deliver the competitive advantage that CEOs seek, CX professionals must focus on three things:

  1. Align their efforts with the business outcomes CEOs want. CX professionals must connect the dots and show how CX initiatives result in concrete outcomes.
  2. Lead innovation, coupling customary break fix activities with breakthrough initiatives.
  3. Build an engaged customer-focused workforce by helping employees identify with the customer and have a voice in the customer experience.
    • Companies that focus on customer-centric innovation and a customer focused workforce solidly position themselves on the winning side of competitive advantage. It’s the result we call The CX Dividend™.
    • CEOs must play an active role in breaking down three common barriers that threaten the overall CX strategy: Authority, Access, and Action.
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