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Telekom’s paper: design thinking doing

Telekom's paper Design Design Thinking Doing now available on wordpress

Introducing Telekom’s design design thinking doing

DESIGN THINKING DOING is the title of the manual the Telekom design department made available to its colleagues throughout the group.

Design Thinking Doing  contains all the established methods, processes and tools of the design thinking approach that have been adapted for the standardised product development processes at Telekom.

A digital version is available to all staff.

In addition, the Telekom Design Academy was recently founded with the aim of anchoring the crucial principles in every corner of the group and in the minds of as many employees as possible. It gives Telekom staff the opportunity to take part in individual training activities, seminars and workshops so as to familiarise themselves with the methods and tools.

According to the academy, more than 5,000 employees have taken part in its programmes in 2016.From the introduction

Design is a driving force in the product and innovation strategy of a large company. Only with innovations and creativity can new business models be configured and existing ones expanded. Digitalization in particular leads to a comprehensive change in products, services, processes and business models.

The heart of digital transformation: your customer.

The product and innovation strategy of a company is facing the challenge of developing customer-oriented innovations that require market acceptance in order to create competitive advantages. Many companies in the telecommunications and entertainment industry are outperforming their competitors because of their outstanding product and service innovations. They have learned a lesson: At the heart of digital transformation is the customer. This belief is based on the fundamentally changing expectations of direct, authentic communication, in which the customer takes center stage and has uncomplicated and ubiquitous access to digitally networked products and services. This is why customer centricity is the key criterion for innovation management.
Designers can make a significant contribution to the implementation of customer centricity in product development. Designers have a fine sensor system for trends and for the needs of consumers.

The digitalization of economy and society determines our future. Designers know the fears, wishes and needs of the people. Consequently, the design discipline must take on its major responsibility of humanizing technologies.

Philipp Thesen, Lead Design

They also have access to the comprehensive innovation process of a company and are able to use sophisticated instruments and tools to thoroughly and deeply determine the needs and problems of the customers.

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It is therefore no coincidence that innovation management of in large companies is increasingly using the methods of Design Thinking to better understand the markets and to develop successful business strategies. In the courseof digitalization, the design, combined with the classic instruments of corporate management and strategy development, ensures rapid realization of ingenious ideas and accelerates the market readiness of new products and digital services.




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