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Design is among the critical factors that create an enhanced human experience.

The Gensler Experience Index proves that design is among the critical factors that create an enhanced human experience. Our insights resulted in the development of a holistic framework for experience that incorporates intention, expectation, interaction, and space. Our findings and our framework combined allow us to better understand the nature of human experience and how it is evolving in the current experience economy.

Great design is great for business

The connection between a great experience and business performance is well documented—multiple studies have connected the overall quality of customer, visitor, or employee experience to a company’s long-term stock performance and growth. The measurable impact of design and physical space is, however, frequently left out of the equation, and the majority of companies have no systematic approach to creating a differentiated experience.

To understand experience, understand intentions

We uncover five intentions that frame our expectations and experiences: task, social, entertainment, discovery, and aspiration.

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Design has a quantifiable impact on experience

The qualities of physical place are a key component when the goal is to deliver a great experience and stand out from the crowd.

Six design factors have the most significant impact Places that are beautiful, unique, authentic, inspirational, intuitive, and welcoming offer the best overall experiences.

Everyone is doing everything everywhere

The traditional uses of space are blurring. People are working, eating, socializing, exercising, having fun, taking classes, and shopping everywhere.

Single-use spaces are becoming obsolete

Experiences are primarily multimodal, and that’s how people like it. Spaces that satisfy user needs in multiple experience modes are rated higher.

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Ignore social space at your peril

People crave social connection, and that drives an outsize portion of experiences.

Welcoming, inclusive, social spaces perform better.

In-between time isn’t wasted time

Unplugging, escaping, browsing, and killing time are all activities to be supported and courted, encouraging open-mindedness and creativity.

Technology matters, but not in the way you think

Places with the latest technology are more likely to offer a great experience, even if most people don’t interact with technology directly.

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