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Customer Service Evolved — So DID Your CRM Execution?


Customer experience arrived in the early 2010’s

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It was the  message in Kerry Bodine’s recent post that triggered me:

“Back in early 2010’s, the field of customer experience was still fairly new and so we felt the need to clarify exactly what it was we were talking about.

But in the five and a half years since publication (of Kerry Bodine’s book -Fred), the role of customer support groups has expanded….”

What were the predicted service trends at the start of the 2010’s?

Checking my archives, i found this paper claiming the service trends of this decade:


Lessons from service leaders

From the paper: these were lessons from service leaders in those days.

If customer service is going to be increasingly important in the decade ahead, what are the leading practitioners already doing differently today?

In our survey, about 16% of executives describe their firms as “excellent” at customer service, relative to their peers.

Segmenting these firms against those that rate themselves as merely average, or below average, yields some insights into how some leading customer service practitioners are working.

  • While the average firms of today compete primarily on quality, service leaders unsurprisingly already prioritise customer service as their competitive differentiator, far ahead of cost. In line with this, these firms are far more systematic about implementing proper systems for tracking customer feedback and complaints, as well as identifying potential service weaknesses.  Nearly 50% more have these in place, ahead of weaker rivals.

• Three quarters of customer service leaders have empowered their staff to make decisions when resolving customer issues, compared with less than half among average firms. And while weaker firms are investingmore heavily in standardised service processes, leading firms are prioritising staff training and development, and also working harder to define service standards and goals.

• While both strong and weak service firms see information-enabled consumers as a major driver for change in recent years, weaker firms think communications technology is the primary driver, while leaders see competition as the defining force.

• Service leaders are more focussed on social media already: they monitor it more closely, use it more often to connect with clients and generally collect more external data to feed into their tracking systems. Related to this, a far higher proportion of leaders say their firms are excellent, or above average, at using technology to understand their customers.

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• Finally, while service leaders expect to use service to stand out from the crowd,

Your foundation for success

Looking back – and i use Google Trends for my reflection – customer service as a topic seems to explode. However, CRM as a search topic remains rather stable.
My working assumtion: customer service exploded (growth) and eroded (diffusion of service into all touchpoints) because of many, many transformations in society, economy, technology (not only digital) on a local and global scale. CRM execution was apparently not able to support these transformations in an effective and efficient way.
Is this that bad, one may wonder?
For me investing in staff, standards and benchmarking with the competition (see the paper) is still the foundation for success in the forthcoming deccades..
Which is in line with Tom Peters latest book The Excellence Dividend.  Just these quotes.

“Tom Peters’ new book is a bundle of beautiful dynamite. While I’ve been a CEO for 30 years, I still learned much worth knowing from The Excellence Dividend. You will too.” 

The Excellence Dividend
The Excellence Dividend

—John C. Bogle, founder, Vanguard 

For decades Tom Peters has been preaching the gospel of putting people first, and in today’s rapidly changing business environment, this message is more important than ever. With his unparalleled expertise and inimitable charisma, Peters offers brilliantly simple, actionable guidelines for success that any business leader can immediately implement. He provides a roadmap for your organization and for you as an individual to thrive amidst the tech tsunami, and he has a lot of fun doing it.

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The Excellence Dividend is an important new book from one of today’s greatest business thinkers..

Finally, I enclose a tweet and endorse the PowerPoint (many, many slides that need one’s attention)..

 A brilliantly executed PowerPoint for @tom_peters excellent new book, The Excellence Divided.
What do you think?
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