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Accenture’s 4R Personalization Framework: recognize, remember, recommend & relevant

Accenture developed the 4R Personalization Framework. Personalization is the act of dynamically curating experiences to each individual and context in a seamless manner across channels.

This includes all interaction, such as marketing, shopping and services experiences.

To help tackle this broad and critical topic the 4R Personalization Framework is available. Similar to the way customers expect to be treated by their favorite offline business, online customers expect to be recognized by name when they arrive, and have their preferences remembered without having to be reminded. Customers expect the business to know them better than they know themselves by paying close attention to their unique preferences and making recommendations that are relevant within the context of the situation.

Most companies have made some progress in their personalization journey, and efforts are accelerating across all industries. The Accenture Personalization Maturity Model can help companies assess how well they are doing. Their experience points to three areas critical for advancing to personalization at scale: orchestration, organization and operationalization.


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Accenture 4 R Personalization Framework
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