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Technology is transforming customer service

Principles for customer service – the provision of assistance and advice by companies to their customers – are well established. Technological advances, however, are transforming the industry and customer expectations.

Glass screens, which once separated customers from in-store service agents, are being replaced with touch screens connecting smartphone users with chatbots powered by artificial intelligence.

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Today, customers demand a fast, personalised experience in their communication channel of choice. When asking about a product or service, 66% of consumers expect a same-day response to their query (source: Lithium Technologies).

This Customer Service Playbook provides customer service managers at early stage companies with a blueprint for success. It draws on discussions with industry-leading managers, collectively responsible for 3,000 agents, to offer best practices in areas ranging from structuring and managing your team to leveraging artificial intelligence and outsourcing.

Chapter one examines structure and management – how to:

• build a capacity model to plan for growth;

• structure your team for scale;

• manage your team and its performance.

Chapter two looks at scaling – how to:

• minimise attrition;

• hire effectively and at scale.

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Chapter three explores technology – how to:

• select a technology platform;

• develop effective self-service;

• use artificial intelligence.

Chapter four considers outsourcing – how to:

• decide whether to outsource;

• manage an outsourcer effectively.



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