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Digital marketing challenges for the 21st century and beyond: more than just a platform

We live in a mobile world where consumers are curious, demanding, and impatient. The more marketers understand the customer journey, the better chance they have to be there at the right moment with the most helpful message. Digital insights help marketers achieve this at scale.

Just as consumers benefit from new technology, new capabilities in marketing and advertising make it possible to meet consumers in the moment, just as they wish. New platforms are helping marketers gain a deeper customer understanding, share insights across teams, and act on them in a timely fashion.

In this collection of Harvard Business Review articles, you’ll learn:

  • Ways to improve your brand storytelling
  • How to draw insights out of unstructured information
  • How to use those insights to create value for customers

Turning information into action

Marketers strive to make meaningful connections with people in the moments that matter. To do that, enterprise marketing teams have turned to digital information to guide their strategy.

But more information doesn’t always lead to better marketing performance. The challenge is making sense of everything that’s available. So, how do marketers gain actionable insights?

Best practices from start to finish

The Harvard Business Review looked at how leading companies can turn insights into marketing that drives performance. They found that leading practitioners focus on seeing, sorting, sharing, and sparking ways to get real value from digital information.

In this collection of articles, you’ll learn what visibility across channels looks like in a mobile-first world. Integrating and sorting digital information in near-real time also makes a difference. The review helps you learn who needs to share, understand, and learn from insights-driven marketing, and how experimentation can lead to “aha” moments.

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  • How leading marketers match the right messages to the right moments

Today’s consumers expect brands to anticipate their needs and be there with useful information at the right moment, every time. How do leading marketers respond to this challenge?



Bain & Company, in partnership with Google, surveyed nearly 1,700 senior marketing executives around the globe to find out how they use their insights and technology to engage consumers. The overwhelming answer: Leading marketers deliver relevant ads and experiences at just the moment when each consumer is ready for them.

Three ways to meet the moment

The Bain report shows that leaders who get the timing right:

  • Connect their systems. They integrate platforms and uncover more audience insights so they can deliver more relevant messages.
  • Test and learn. They conduct experiments to discover new opportunities, and they refresh critical marketing metrics and dashboards to support decisions.
  • Share the insights. They make reporting and insights available to their teams so more people can take action.

Digital marketing has really come a long way in the last decade. Once, it was merely banner advertising and social media, digital marketing is now an integrated set of tactics requiring a diverse skill set, making it distinctly different from marketing that came before it.


Digital marketing challenges for the 21st century and beyond

Gone are the days when it was effective to distribute tasks across various business units and outside contractors — if there ever were a day when this was optimal. Instead, we need a new breed of marketer … one who has some skills at:

  • digital design and development
  • analytics
  • marketing and consumer behavior
  • content creation that drives toward conversion
  • ability to optimize social media
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This is a new breed of marketer who has a mind that’s both technical and creative … both left and right-brained.

That still leaves the challenge of integration to build integrated digital marketingcampaigns that offer a consistent experience from beginning to end, while driving conversion. Here’s how McKinsey conceptualizes this challenge:

customer experience management
Image courtesy of McKinsey

Another prominent site suggests 7 ways to improve market performance by integration across tactics. They are:

  1. Know your target market
  2. Pick channels to reach this market
  3. Have a consistent look and message
  4. Create a clear content strategy matching the optimal content across different platforms and channels
  5. Make sure your messaging is directed toward achieving your goals
  6. Make sure your teams are working seamlessly together
  7. Track campaigns

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Alternatives Marketing Data Platform:  Google Data Studio,Klipfolio, Funnel.ioAgency Analytic,, CyfeSupermetrics

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