Design Service Design

Doing is the hard part

While we generally agree on the usefulness of many methods and tools in service design, we all struggle when it comes to long-term, real-world implementation.

Markus and Jakob, who together with Marc and Adam just published This is Service Design Doing, will use this session to share their perspective on the doing part of service design.

They will draw parallels between business realities and their co-creative approach to designing a 600-page business book.

We hear about pivots, the limits of iterations, how to sell service design to non-believers, and why projects take 2 years longer than expected. 

How standardized can a process be? What do we ask of the people involved? What are dead ends? And how can we stop talking all this bullshit and start to empower people? As a humble suggestion, Markus and Jakob will share their 12 Commandments of Service Design. Co-authors Marc and Adam will be present on screen as well, answering recent questions from the service design community.

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