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[Report] Hiding in Plain Sight: Impact Investing in the Creative Economy

In October 2018, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors published Hiding in Plain Sight: Impact Investing in the Creative Economy, a new report from RPA sponsored project Upstart Co-Lab.

The report is the first analysis of the tremendous potential that the creative economy offers to impact investors. It looks at more than 100 funds with $60 billion of aggregate assets that have been investing in the creative economy over the past 5 years. These include conventional, socially responsible, and impact funds focused on ethical fashion, sustainable food, social impact media, other creative businesses and creative places.

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Key learnings include how the creative economy offers

  • impact value, commercial viability and innovative edge;
  • how a creativity lens correlates with diversity, equity, inclusion;
  • and how a creativity lens is relevant in both developed and developing markets.

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