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Think:Act On Being Human

he world is going through profound changes that are being driven by rapid advances in technology, globalization and changing social attitudes and demographics. As robots become more sophisticated and artificial intelligence encroaches ever further into spaces traditionally the preserve of humankind, people are asking themselves: Where will humans fit in? And what skills should humans focus on in order to compete successfully in the job market of the future?


At the same time, people are demanding more of the work world. How do businesses give their employees a sense of purpose and belonging while introducing innovative technologies that replace people? Progress does not come without a price and many already feel overwhelmed by the constant demands of communications technologies.

How do we find the time to do what humans do best – to be creative, compassionate and courageous? How will we prepare for longer lives and longer careers and what will the impact of these changes be on society? At a juncture where many are beginning to ask these questions, we turn to experts from four different fields to help us work towards answers about what it will mean to be human in our changing world.


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