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Paul4innovating’s Innovation Views: Innovating in the digital age- a terrific report

The report from Arthur D Little “Innovating in the digital age- a cross-industry exploration” has to be the one report that really stands out for me from this year. I highly recommend it. They take a look at how digital technology will transform the way innovation will be managed in the future. This report was […]

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This recent survey of 150 companies and 300+ solution providers revealed five key lessons on “innovating in the digital age

Digital technologies (such as AI, advanced analytics, self-learning systems and IoT) are expected to partly or evencompletely transform the way innovation gets done, according to 93% of all surveyed companies

1. The most important technologies can be grouped into three families, depending on what they bring to innovators

  • 1. those that boost intelligence, for instance about customer needs;
  • 2. technologies that bring better and faster foresight, e.g. concerning product performance;
  • 3. digital solutions that improve and accelerate collaboration, communication and learning

2 Almost all participating companies expect to fully digitalize their innovation engine or even their entire company; andthat this will go hand in hand with the digitalization of their products, services and business models

3 Important barriers are the shortage of “digital thinkers” and capabilities; and because of this relative ignorance manyindustrial companies still miss a clear view on concrete business benefits and ultimately a strategy for change

4 There is no such thing as a “best practice” that can simply be followed but successful companies tend to follow athreefold approach:

  • 1. Design solutions for broad user adoption for established digital solutions;
  • 2. Run controlled piloting programs for cutting edge digital technology applications;
  • 3. Monitor and experiment with potentially disruptive ones
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Source: Arthur D. LittleExecutive summary – key messages



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