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Fjord’s trends 2019: value

Value and relevance

Digital is now so widely adopted that its novelty has worn off.

We are at an innovation plateau – a flat point in the S-curve before new products and services become mainstream.

Somewill be powered by artificial intelligence, such as hyperpersonal Living Services; others will be driven by a shift to the circular economy and new cultural norms around data, identity and well-being.

Digital is facing a big spring-cleaning: a timewhen we decide whether something still has value and relevance to our lives.

This is a question about the long term, not just the sugar high of instant gratification.

As you read through the Trends, you will see that they raise plenty of fundamental questions.

Does the brand deserve a space in my life and in the world?

Is it doing something moret han straining the planet?

If the answer is no, then unsubscribe or delete.

It has never been easier to do so.

The plateau is an opportunity, though, to get our houses inorder.

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Once the pace picks up again, the winners will be organizations that navigated the shift from monoliths to ecosystems, providing hyper-relevance to people and going beyond the labels of customers, consumers, commuters and citizens.

Success lies in providing value relevant not only to individual contexts, but also to the world. This requires a mindset shift that feels counterintuitive: Be quiet, don’t shout. Be relevant or don’t be there at all. Know your customers, but only on their terms – not yours.

Do less, not more.

Value creation will not come from simply growing bigger,but by being better.

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In busy lives and on a crowded planet, only the relevant will remain.


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