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The Post-Digital Era is Upon Us

ARE YOU R EADY FOR WHAT’S NEXT? Accenture Technology Vision 2019

Persistent change, challenged assumptions, and disruption are now the norm, rather than the exception, in business and society. And these indicators will only accelerate and multiply as we progress into the future.

The lightning-speed of change, driven by technology, is taking us from the digital age toward a new reality, one we call the post-digital world.

A complex digital path

The Accenture Technology Vision 2019 lays out the inarguably bold and complex path that businesses will encounter in the coming years, as digital continues to take hold and the next wave of powerful technologies ushers in a new era.

First let’s look at what is happening today to see where we are headed: everything is becoming digital. Organizations are making enormous strides and realizing the benefits of new digital business models and processes. We see examples of this everywhere— in how people shop, work, learn, communicate, decide, respond and even elect leaders.

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Now enterprises are at a crucial turning point. Digital is indeed important, but now it is simply the price of admission for doing business, especially as technologies have swiftly evolved people’s expectations and behaviors. The next epic disruption is coming, and Tech Vision provides a glimpse of
this future, along with insights on how to steer your organization toward continued success. \

Opportunities and value

Here is the good news: the post-digital era offers tremendous opportunities and value for business if enterprises proceed responsibly and strengthen trust. The power of cloud and artificial intelligence will continue to advance. When combined with technologies such as distributed ledger, extended reality, and quantum computing, they will reshape not only the business sphere, but also the relationships with individuals—customers, employees and ecosystem partners—that are critical to future growth.

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As you explore Accenture Technology Vision 2019, think ahead to this new reality with us, and decide how your organization will get ready for what the post-digital world will bring

This year’s Accenture Technology Vision highlights five emerging trends that will shape businesses over the next three years. In each trend, you will see how digital saturation is raising expectations, abilities, and risk across industries, and how businesses are seeking new ways to differentiate themselves as the world moves into the post-digital era

DARQ Power Understanding the DNA of DARQ

New technologies are catalysts for change, offering businesses extraordinary new capabilities. Distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, extended reality, and quantum computing will be the next set of new technologies to spark a step change, letting businesses reimagine entire industries.

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Get to Know Me Unlock unique customers and unique opportunities

Technology-driven interactions are creating an expanding technology identity for every consumer. This living foundation of knowledge will be key to not only understanding the next generation of consumers, but also to delivering rich, individualized, experience-based relationships in the post-digital age.

Human+ Worker Change the workplace or hinder the workforce

Workforces are becoming human+: each individual is empowered by their skillsets and knowledge plus a new, constantly growing set of capabilities made possible through technology. Now, companies must adapt the technology strategies that successfully created this next generation workforce to support a new way of working in the postdigital age.

Secure US to Secure ME Enterprises are not victims, they’re vectors

While ecosystem-driven business depends on interconnectedness, those connections increase companies’ exposures to risks. Leading businesses are recognizing that just as they already collaborate with entire ecosystems to deliver best-in-class products, services, and experiences, it’s time security joins that effort as well.

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MyMarkets Meet consumers’ needs at the speed of now

Technology is creating a world of intensely customized and on-demand experiences, and companies must reinvent their organizations to find and capture those opportunities as they come. That means viewing each opportunity as if it’s an individual market—a momentary market.


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