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CX Management Survey Reveals Massive Growth Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Provide Customer Service

 COPC Inc., a global consulting firm that helps companies improve operations to transform the customer experience, and Execs In The Know, a global community of customer experience professionals, have announced the release of the 2018 Corporate Edition of the Customer Experience Management Benchmark (CXMB) Series. The report, The CX Journey: Understanding Corporate Strategies and Best Practices, provides customer experience management insights from the corporate perspective. A key finding is that since 2017, companies have dramatically increased their use of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions for customer service. The full report is now available for download at no cost.

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“Our new corporate report shows that companies see tremendous potential in AI-powered solutions for customer care, both in applications that are customer-facing and in those that assist call center agents with their work. However, we also know from previous research that customers want a quick and easy way out of any AI-powered solution to reach a live person. Our findings overwhelmingly show that companies are keenly aware of this necessity in any customer-facing application. And while customers still want that personal interaction, we think that AI-powered solutions will find their appropriate place in the service journey,” said Kyle Kennedy, president and chief operating officer, COPC Inc.

In addition to AI content, the report also includes survey results on key topics such as aligning brand culture with a customer-first strategy and whether brands are providing a consistent experience across customer service channels. Specific findings include:

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  • Interest in and budget for AI-powered solutions for customer care expanded at a rapid pace year-over-year. In 2017, only 17 percent of brands had incorporated AI into their customer care business. In 2018, this rate nearly doubled to 30 percent.
  • About half of all brands with AI-powered solutions are deploying both agent-assisting and customer-facing solutions.
  • Fewer than half of survey respondents claimed a cohesive alignment between their brand’s culture and their leadership’s customer-first strategy.
  • Only one in 10 brands think they are doing a good job of providing consistency across channels. Furthermore, nearly a quarter of all brands had no initiatives to improve their cross-channel consistency. Creating greater consistency across channels represents a huge opportunity for companies to improve the customer experience.
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“Our community of senior leaders is on the cutting edge of CX,” said Chad McDaniel, president and CEO, Execs In The Know. “With the 2018 Corporate Edition, our executives are empowered to benchmark their initiatives against those of their peers. The CXMB Series is an excellent tool for leaders to leverage as they strive to provide extraordinary customer service in their organizations.”

The CXMB Series is a resource for customer care professionals looking to enhance their customer care program, improve brand opinion, and drive customer satisfaction. Since 2012, two reports have been published each year. These include Consumer and Corporate Editions. Learn more about the CXMB Series.

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