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Book Service Designer: il progettista alle prese con sistemi complessi

Roberta Tassi is the author of a book dedicated to the raising profession of the service designer (edited by FrancoAngeli).

The book, written in Italian, is one of the first attempts to explore the role and identity of a service designer, covering both the technical competences and soft skills required to address existing service design challenges.

It collects Italian case studies of different scales and sectors: from Satispay to Cascina Cuccagna, from massive digital transformation processes to small product-service startups. Among the various reflections, the book hosts interesting contributions from Gianluca Brugnoli on the organizational impact of service design, and from Marzia Aricò on the future evolution of this profession.

Talking about the future, Yulya signed a piece as well, on the need to move beyond human-centered design in order to deal with all the non-human entities that are more and more involved into the services we design and use.

204 pages, 9 contributors, 10 unforgettable tips. Don’t miss it!

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