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Marc Stickdorn – Doing is the Hard Part: How to Embed Service Design in Organizations

Marc Stickdorn’s talk on From Business to Buttons, on May 3 2019 in Stockholm. From Business to Buttons is the meeting place for everyone who wants hands-on advice on how to generate business value by creating great user experiences.

Bonus read

Highly recommended: This Is Service Design Doing by Jakob Schneider, Adam Lawrence, Markus Edgar Hormess, Marc Stickdorn

Chapter 12 How to sustainably integrate service design in organizational structures and processes.

Expert comments by: Eric Reiss | Fernando Yepez | Hazel White | Klara Lindner | Maik Medzich | Mike Press | Ole Schilling | Sarah Drummond | Simon Clatworthy

  1. 12.1 Getting started
    1. 12.1.1 Start with small projects
    2. 12.1.2 Secure management buy-in
    3. 12.1.3 Raise awareness
    4. 12.1.4 Build up competence
    5. 12.1.5 Give room to try
  2. 12.2 Scaling up
    1. 12.2.1 The core service design team
    2. 12.2.2 The extended project team
    3. 12.2.3 Choose a name that fits your culture
    4. 12.2.4 Connect with the service design community
  3. 12.3 Establishing proficiency
    1. Understand the design process
    2. Lead through co-creation
    3. Eat your own dog food
    4. Practice empathy
    5. Look beyond quantitative statistics and metrics
    6. Reduce fear of change and failure
    7. Use customer-centric KPIs
    8. Disrupt your own business
    9. Make design tangible
    10. Bring service design into the organizational DNA
  4. 12.4 Design sprints
  5. 12.5 Cases
    1. 12.5.1 Case: Including service design in nationwide high school curricula
    2. 12.5.2 Case: Introducing service design in a governmental organization
    3. 12.5.3 Case: Increasing national service design awareness and expertise
    4. 12.5.4 Case: Integrating service design in a multinational organization
    5. 12.5.5 Case: Creating a customer-centric culture through service design
    6. 12.5.6 Case: Building up service design knowledge across projects
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