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The New Rules of Customer Engagement: Key Trends From Salesforce’s 2019 Global Research

A staggering 73% of customers say that an extraordinary experience with one company raises their expectations of others.

So, what does customer engagement really mean for businesses today? To answer that question, Salesforce surveyed more than 8,000 consumers and business buyers across the globe for the third edition of the “State of the Connected Customer” report. [Click to Tweet]

Key customer engagement trends that emerged from the research include:

  • Customers’ happiness depends as much on the quality of a company’s engagement as the quality of the product or service they’re buying
  • Customers are increasingly open to companies using new technologies to improve their experiences
  • Personalization, timeliness, and connectivity are the three foundations of exceptional customer engagement
  • Ethics and trust are key to winning customers’ business and loyalty

To see and share an infographic summarizing key findings from “State of the Connected Customer,

customer engagement infographic

To find out more about this new kind of customer engagement, download the full “State of the Connected Customer report now (registration required)

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