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Book: Think big, design bigger

Hack the design system provides fresh perspectives around design systems, further contributing to the current conversations happening in the design community.

To design for a large organization, you have to set up a framework that can scale your work with speed and consistency. Hack the Design System, a new book by Idean and Adobe, offers insights from leaders at companies like Airbnb, IBM, and Microsoft for creating design systems at scale.

A design system aligns an organization around creating awesome experiences. It’s a living set of tools, practices, and guidelines that enables you to deliver consistent experiences and brand messaging at scale and over time. Idean partenered with Adobe to bring you a new book that explores fresh perspectives on designing and implementing design systems in large organizations.

Put together by Idean’s experts, the book brings together their rich and diverse experience in creating design systems for global companies. Backed by industry research, best practices, and real-world challenges, the book gathers insights from over 20 design leaders from companies such as AT&TDellAirbnbCiscoIBM, and Microsoft.

Why this book?

There are already plenty of resources available on design systems, but we haven’t seen enough materials that address the human aspects, the way it shapes your organization or its outcomes. Hack the design system provides fresh perspectives, further contributing to the current conversations happening in the design community.

How did we get here?

To dig even deeper into the patterns that define the success of a design system, we’ve reached out to our friends and extended network, as well as our fellow ideanists to gain their latest insights and thoughts.

In our interviews with these thought leaders and leading practitioners, you can read about their point of views on what role systems play in their organizations, their journey towards the creation, their approach to collaboration, and the effects they have

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What are some of the highlights?

Every design system is different and unique to every organization. 

“A design system needs to be the right fit because it’s going to change the way things are done. It always needs to take the starting point and broader context of the organization into account.”

Design systems are about people.

People that want to make an impact on the quality of their products, invest in better communication and decisionmaking, and the people who consume the products and services.

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