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KPMG’s practical guide to organisational trust

The rebuilding of public trust in our institutions is the defining challenge of our time.

So why do some organisations earn and sustain a reputation for trust over time, while others become embroiled in trust scandals? Our research indicates the difference lies in how the organisation is designed.

While simple, this perspective is powerful and highlights why many organisations struggle with trust.

So what does a practical alternative look like that designs trustworthiness into the DNA of an organisation? Our aim is to describe what a strategic, effective, whole-of-business approach to managing and preserving organisational trust looks like.

To do this, we break down organisational infrastructure into key components and show how each plays a unique role in driving or undermining trustworthy conduct.

This report, Trustworthy by Design: a practical guide to organisational trust, provides practical questions for assessing the trustworthiness of your organisation, along with strategies for designing and aligning organisational infrastructure to engender trust.

The principles and best practice guidelines are neither quick nor easy to implement. We believe they are, however, key to achieving a resilient and sustainable reputation for trust.



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