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Download: Design Council’s Communicating the Value of Design

Communicating the value of design outlines key achievements including: the development of Design Council’s Double Diamond,

Making life better by design: Design Council’s story of impact brings together statistics and stories evidencing how design has contributed to three major areas of the economy – business innovation, places and public services – achieving societal and environmental benefits along the way.

Charting our successes over the last year and the last 15 years when we launched the Double Diamond, this impact report allows us to showcase the immediate impact of particular programmes alongside the legacy of our longer-term work, such as helping to create successful new places or redesign new public services. Our story of impact also outlines Design Council’s significant success in explaining what design is and championing its use, inspiring and enabling people across the world to embed design in their work. 

About the report

Communicating the value of design outlines key achievements including: the development of Design Council’s Double Diamond, widely recognised as one of the simplest visual descriptions of the design process; our ground-breaking research, including two world-first reports on the value of design and design skills to the UK economy; our storytelling work which has reached millions of people; and our important work to influence policy. Recognising that design is constantly evolving, we continue to ensure we are both promoting and evidencing to all sectors of the economy the latest that design can offer.

About the context of the report Communicating the value of design

Design is constantly evolving. So is Design Council. Our story of impact shows how we test, learn, and iterate to strengthen our expertise, build on our success, and respond to immediate and future challenges. 

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This report is being published during the coronavirus pandemic, as the design sector – like other sectors of the economy – faces unparalleled pressure. This impact report shows the power of design to confront big, complex societal challenges. Its findings provide valuable insight into, and inspiration around, the role of design in helping our society recover from the coronavirus crisis: in rebuilding our economy, strengthening our communities, and nurturing our environment over the years ahead.

Over the years, Design Council has made significant strides forward in clarifying what design is and communicating the economic, social and environmental benefits it brings. This first chapter in our Making life better by design series looks at the vital work we have done to increase understanding of design and encourage its use across public, private and third sectors.

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